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If you simply wish to watch "So You Think You Can Quest?" all you need do is tune in live on Tuesdays and Sundays at 6pm - 10pm PST or you can catch previous broadcasts at So You Think You Can Quest Youtube Channel.

If you would like to play, this page is setup to take you from the audience to being a contestant. Being a contestant is completely free and there is no way to buy an in game advantage. Patrons and Donors can purchased increased likelihood of being selected for play but only after being approved for the Player Roster and never to the complete exclusion of others. Patrons and donors can also access the official "So You Think You Can Quest" only Discord channel to interact directly with other players, fans, as well as the show's DM. "So You Think You Can Quest" is committed to never providing any sort of mechanic at all that allows one to pay to win, or pay to compete at the exclusion of all others. There will never be transactions for any sort for any beneficial in game content.

Below are resources to help get you one your way towards one day defeating the final boss and winning the grand prize,

know you will likely perish.

Getting Selected For Play

Please read this page in its entirety before considering play

Currently the Beta is open to the public, as are currently all resources associated with playing the game. Just go to the site's Landing Page and fill out an application. The application must be filled out in its entirety to be considered for play. There are 11 questions, some short, some long form, 2 of which are merely formalities. There is no information collected that can be used to categorize or discriminate against potential contestant. "So You Think You Can Quest?" doesn't even need to know your real name. You can ascend to glory in total anonymity if you've got a good microphone and a great voice filter. No one will be given preferred status regardless of donations made to "So You Think You Can Quest" if they are generally combative or demanding people and "So You Think You Can Quest?" reserves the right to determine that at anytime, and immediately terminate all relationships with any individuals or groups who are deliberately engaging in belligerent behavior. No amount of money donated, at any time, in any fashion, excuses continued abuse of anyone associated with "So You Think You Can Quest?" or the general public good. "So You Think You Can Quest" is played using the Roll20 and Discord applications which can be downloaded for free and require that you make accounts in order to use them. Once your application has been processed, you will receive a confirmation letter as well as access to a Discord server that serves as the voice portion of the streaming service for players. This server is kept silent of any player interaction and is used only for the purposes of facilitating the actual stream.

There are 5 potential slots for contestants, every time a contestant expires, a new contestant is drawn from the pool of those who have confirmed THAT DAY that they will be available for play. In the event a contestant must drop out for a variety of reasons, then another contestant is drawn. Again, the same day, from a pool of people who have confirmed their availability.

Contestants will at this time have a link sent inviting them to the Roll20 game (which will also be kept clear of anyone but active players), you will then select a character based on the classes available, and one will be randomly assigned to you at this time and no sooner. For rules on class availability, please see Brief Summary of Game Mechanics.

If you are applying and you would like to donate a small amount in order to elevate your likelihood of being selected for play it is both appreciated, but... PLEASE WAIT FOR A CONFIRMATION LETTER BEFORE DONATING If you have donated with the express interest of using the Increased Chance of Draw that comes along with Patron or Donor status, and for whatever reason your application is denied, and you would like your money back, please use any of the contacts provided below in order to let us know. As well if you have donated and you haven't received a Letter

If you have any questions or inquiries, the best way to contact the developer is through:

or through any of the official social media accounts:

or if you happen to be a Patron or are interested in becoming one the official Patreon is a great way to get in touch.

During live play, even though your enthusiasm is appreciated and encouraged, the Twitch chat is not a great way to ensure that you will get noticed and considered a legitimate candidate for play.

Competing on So You Think You Can Quest?

It is vital for both your survival and your viability as contestant that you familiarize yourself with the Game Mechanics, as it is not simply just Dungeons and Dragons. If you display an inability to readily steward your role as a contestant due to lack of understanding or technical difficulty you run the risk of being removed until either of the issues is resolved. You do not need to have an expansive knowledge of the expanded world lore to play, and will not be penalized for such other than perhaps the blunders you run the risk of making by missing careful warning signs you might have otherwise been aware of had you familiarized yourself with the Goddesses of Aedalon] or similar articles.

If you are new to Dungeons and Dragons or this seems like a lot of moving parts, it is recommended you watch a few episodes of "So You Think You Can Quest?" before attempting to play. If there are no episodes available, it is recommended that you somehow peer into the future using of a scrying spell, 4th level or higher.

As much as "So You Think You Can Quest" would like to have an infinite amount of air time with which to give due attention to all facets of the RPG experience, please note that contestants are asked at all times to conduct themselves with a deliberate and respectful manner that contributes to the forward motion of the contest. There will be in game penalties for contestants who fail to heed clearly issued warnings that have the potential to prove fatal almost instantaneously should the breach of conduct become urgent or repeated. Role playing is encouraged, and many problems will necessitate it, but always ask yourself if your saying something is worth the time it will take vs. the progress you could make.

"So You Think You Can Quest" is intended to be a complicated, difficult, and often unfair in its challenges for adventurer's and gamer's alike. It is made to test strength, cunning, and luck. While it will always be working towards becoming more streamlined and accessible, it is inevitably going to appeal to, and be made for those of us interested in an experience beyond what is provided by conventional gaming or competition. To play with a chance of winning you will need to read hundreds of pages of rules relating to 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons and then throw them all away to expect the unexpected.

You have been warned.

What to Expect

Your Player Character will likely be warped into a less than desirable situation, or the previous party has died in its entirety and you will be joining a few other fresh adventurers at a randomly determined starting point. At which point you will be free to either take up the very task that just bested the previous contestants, or play freely in the game world to try and acquire what you may for your character or the entire contestant base.

For information about rules, leveling, treasure, prizes, and character managements please see the Game Mechanics Page.

Assuming you survive the entire session, you will be invited back to the next to pick up where you left off. If you cannot make the next session and your character is in a perilous situation, you run the risk of them either dying, or being taken over by another available player. The next time you are drawn to play and available, you will be issued either a new character, or in the event that your old character is still alive, you will have the option of resuming as them.

All characters left in non-designated rest areas are subject to potential death and dismemberment at the hands of the game world. It is assumed that anyone with anyone who has their eyes on more than the daily prizes is going to be expected to die and be reincarnated days, weeks, or maybe even months later.

In the event you win a tangible prize, it will be mailed to you promptly, in the event that it is a cash prize you will have the choice of claiming this prize in hand cut precious stones or in the form of a direct cash payment via your choice of Venmo, Paypal, or Cashapp.

All stones are hand cut (or in some cases merely selected) from raw by a local lapidary, who may or not be a very dwarf-like, and who does their best to make sure all of the stones come from responsible origins. Being aware that the mining industry is fraught with tragic abuse of indigenous peoples and developing economies, “So You Think You Can Quest?” has a commitment to never purchasing stones from major or unverified retailers. Any mistakes made in pursuit of this level of integrity will be corrected as promptly as they are discovered.

Any prizes won will be recorded for posterity in the Library of Legend.

Good luck.