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No one person could tell you who coordinates this mysterious organization known throughout much of the civilized lands. Their enigmatic behavior and seemingly endless resources have always been associated with powerful, yet unknown benefactors of the highest order. Anyone who might be close enough to the center of the guild’s power to make an educated guess, might speculate a dragon, archmage, demigod, or perhaps an inter-dimensional council of some kind, such are the powers that would be required to coordinate something so vast and inscrutable. The truth of the matter is as unknown as the guild’s ultimate purpose, but there is no ruler that does not recognize their labyrinthine crest and owe it an unpayable debt.

Known to appear only when there is much undiscovered laying beneath the surface of the world, those who represent the Guild of Mazes are trained explorers of the unknown. Once a guild order has been issued that an area to be Solved, they will constantly replenish any lost numbers, and escalate the resources provided to their members until they have acquired what it is they seek.

The Guild of Mazes is organization that drives he action forward and supplies the in-game context for “So You Think You Can Quest?” and its endless stream of adventurers charging one after another into the jaws of death. All characters in “So You Think You Can Quest?” start as members of the Guild of Mazes newly arrived to the scene of the quest. This article is dedicated to explain what this means in more context.

Your Story

As a member of the Guild of Mazes, your life until now has likely been a robust one, checkered with moments of either dedicated malice or heroism. It is for these reasons, among many others, that you were first approached by the guild for apprenticeship. Having little idea what you were in for in, it seemed like an obvious choice at the time. After you were handed your Guild Piece, you were ripped from your life and flung across the world to begin studying and training to Solve problems for the guild and its mysterious operators.

Perhaps you knew of the guild’s exploits before being offered an apprenticeship, perhaps not, but what you’ve seen is enough to tell you that this organizations power extends far beyond just the material realm.

Your apprenticeship complete, you now stand ready to do the guild’s will, delve among the ancient and forbidden, to search for that which the Aedalon conceals. You prepare constantly to one day be summoned to the Room of Beginnings and ordered through one of its doors assist some fellow guild members in their far flung pursuits. As a member of the Guild of Mazes, you may currently be in the middle of an infinite number of scenarios when you get the notice you are being reassigned to active duty in Hope’s Rise. Your past duties now forgotten, once called to the Room of Beginnings, you will be given the following briefing by a guild Cartographer:

-“We have been contracted by a very high profile client to investigate a potential Puzzle within Hope’s Rise, an isolated town within the far reaches of the Moonwake mountain range. There have already been heavy losses, but little indication of what yet may be discovered. Though peaceful enough on the surface, we have reason to believe there is much yet to be discovered about the town and the surrounding wilderness.

-You will be teleported in with an existing team, expect there to most likely be life threatening danger immediately. Treat the wilderness, and the town most of all, as a hostile environment. You have been equipped with supplies and a weapon of your choosing. As it stands, despite the investment, the guild has yet to see proof of what our client claims. The more Complex this Puzzle becomes, the more you will be able to requisition in terms of resources. Good luck, we will be monitoring your progress in Solving this for us.”

Along with this briefing you have been given an envelope that you are not to open until you arrive at your location. It contains a small errand the guild wishes you to take care of. After which, you are issued a pack and a door number to step through. They are being coy about it, but this is the opportunity to be one of the first into an ancient hall containing untold riches or world changing power. Your destiny may soon be written by your own hands, if you can manage to stay alive long enough and not get imprisoned, converted, betrayed, tortured, starved, maimed, lost, annihilated from space and time, or worst of all: recalled for violating guild protocols and sentenced to do a life time of labor in the labyrinth of mystic salt mines underneath guild headquarters.

Guild Pieces

Every member of the Guild of Mazes carries with them a signifying marker in the form of a personalized talisman known within the organization as a Guild Piece. It possesses an enchantment linking that member’s soul to the guild headquarters so that their whereabouts and progress can be monitored at all times. A Guild Piece not only identifies them as guild representatives via a magically authenticated crest, but also tracks their life and whereabouts, effective through any surface and up to distances of 100 miles.

Personal details are often left out unless otherwise curated to be included by the Guild Piece holder. Should a member die in their attempts to fulfill the guild’s wishes, a replacement will be sent to see the task to completion with full knowledge of the last operatives whereabouts and activities leading up to their death.

Teleportation Services

All replacements sent by the Guild of Mazes to replace fallen field agents will be teleported within approximately to the last known location of the fallen guild member whose role they are to assume. If this area is too confined and the risk of someone being teleported into a nearby wall is too great, they will be teleported to the closest open area. Due to the intense load on the guild’s teleportation systems at pretty much all times by their many global interests and beyond, there are often problems getting exact planar coordinates to line up. From there landing spot, guild members may then use the Beacon Ritual in order to create relays for one another to instantly teleport to.

  • Teleportation Sickness- After being disassembled into nothing but a concept and flung through astral space and re-materialized, the consciousness has trouble integrating with its new physical body. This process requires an hour long period during which all class abilities require concentration checks, and all attack rolls and ability checks are made at disadvantage. It its highly advised by the Guild of Mazes not let your fellow guildmates die for all of the aforementioned reasons.

Guild Departments

The Guild of Mazes consists of an almost endless bureaucracy that seems to expand in whatever direction one of its members dare to interact with long enough to find out there is an entire wing of the Guild devoted to the logistics of almost any conceivable logistic concern. Every character starts with a sponsorship, or loyalty to, a particular Department of the Guild of Mazes. These Departmental Loyalties determine what random piece(s) of equipment a character happens to be supplied with in addition to the regular starting equipment. These Departmental Loyalties also determine the Side Quest your character will be issued.

The following table addresses known Departments of the Guild of Mazes and samples of what one might expect for loyalty to that particular department.

Department Example Items Example Side Quests
Portals and Passageways Scroll of Knock, Warding Spells, Masterwork Lockpicks Access normally restricted areas or secure a particular place.
Compartments and Concealments Divination spells, Illusion Spells Find rare and specific places that may be hidden.
Monsters and Malfactors Talismans, Armor Slay a specific creature.
Objects and Oddities Random magic item, valuable crafting materials Find rare and specific items that may be hidden.
Histories and Heroes letter of introduction, valuable knowledge Meet and discover revered peoples or places.
Recruitment and Retributions Weapons, Poisons Slay or recruit a specific person.
Boardings and Burials Deluxe Rations, Holy Water Put to rest a specific person or creature, or figure out Guild field Logistics.
Goddesses and Gorgons Healing Potions, Defense Spells Make progress advancing the agenda of a specific Goddess or otherwise designated powerful creature.
Engineering and Extractions Open the box and find out, what is in the box? Build or Craft certain objects or locations.
Travel and Topographies Pack animals, travel supplies Be the first to explore certain areas or regions.

Please note this table will expand as more Departments are developed.