Character Classes

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The only base classes available at the start of the game are Wizard, Rogue, Fighter, Cleric. There being 5 player slots available for play, the 5th player will be randomly assigned a class from the remaining base classes. There are never to be any duplicates of player classes in game at the same time. While players may end up even having multiple in-game characters, none of them can be can be played if the session they are stepping into already has active characters of those classes.

As players progress into "So You Think You Can Quest?" they will be able to unlock access to the other base classes for selection during play. This can be accomplished through certain in-game checkpoints, story developments, random encounters, role play, bribery, and just about anything else that may result in one of many designated NPC's being discovered that then in turn unlock the continued presence of that class in the character rosters even after the death of that particular character.

Currently Unlocked Classes

During Phase 2 of the Beta, available classes have been reset to those available at the beginning of the game as described above. As character classes become available in Phase 2 of the Beta, they will be listed in this section.