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Welcome to the Table of Contents for the "So You Think You Can Quest?" Wiki. This page will be dedicated to indexing and providing brief summaries of page contents on the wiki to create a streamlined browsing experience!

Main Articles

Getting Started

  • Getting Started: This article is designed to orient you and help you get going in the community or become a contestant. In that sense, its value cannot be overstated.

Main Page

  • Main Page: The main page of this wiki! Here you will find links to helpful articles such as this one, as well as development news and updates. Links to relevant external websites and materials can be found here.


  • About Page: Gives you a snapshot of "So You Think You Can Quest?" in as concept. Contains mission statement.


  • Quest: This article details the current objective for contestants to try and accomplish as well as the prize that will be their reward.


  • Disclaimer Page: Last but not least, the disclaimer! This page is available for anyone to read at any time and covers the general approach "So You Think You Can Quest?" takes seriously in when attempting to create a respectable and decent place for anyone to come together and game.

Brief Summary of Game Mechanics

  • Summary of Game Mechanics: This page is the backbone of all the necessary information you will need in order to play "So You Think You Can Quest?" successfully. Despite its title, as the game has grown in complexity, so has the length of the article.

Character Classes

  • Character Classes: This article covers which character classes are available for play, how they were unlocked, and information on class variants that may become available.


  • Crafts: This page details everything you need to know about making any sort of armor, weapon, tool, gadget, potion, curative, bomb, poison, and anything else you can imagine.

Glyphs of Power

  • Glyphs of Power: This page covers crafting using the exclusive "So You Think You Can Quest?"s arcane language that has 56 base symbols, each having 5 unique variations.

Zodiac of Aedalon

  • Zodiac of Aedalon: This article covers the custom in game zodiac chart that explains what your character's Moon Sign means and how it might effect them.

Community & Charity

Library of Legend

  • Library of Legend: This article will be a growing list of players, their causes of death, the achievements they may have had during life, as well who has won what prizes. This page will also contain a list of Patrons and donations of note that have gone into creating those prizes, in this way both player and sponsor may live on in our memories for the greatness they helped come together and achieve.

Hall of Heroism

  • Hall of Heroism: This article has information about the past, present, and future charity fundraising that "So You Think You Can Quest?" is participating in.


  • FAQ: This article covers Frequently Asked Questions in order to help answer the most common quandaries of players and spectators alike.

Game Setting

Articles relating to the lore, story, and general worldcraft surrounding this game. These articles will contain information relevant to your survival as players but no information regarding any numerical bonuses or modifications to rules.

The World of Aedalon

The World of Aedalon: This article details sweeping notes about the World "So You Think You Can Quest?" takes place on. There is some information overlap between this and the Goddesses of Aedalon article.

The Goddesses of Aedalon

Goddesses of Aedalon: This Article covers the major deities, and general cosmology of this particular fantasy setting.

Hope's Rise

Hope's Rise: This article is about the city and the surrounding wilderness in which this "So You Think You Can Quest?" takes place.

The Guild of Mazes

Guild of Mazes: This article covers the organization that all of the player characters are a part of and are the driving benefactors of the adventurers throughout "So You Think You Can Quest?"