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Everyone born to the World of Aedalon is aware of the intrinsic role that its moons play in their lives and the nature of their life's journey. Each of its 13 primary moons have been noted by clergy and arcanists alike to have tangible governing effects on the very essence of every living creature. Though there has never been a confirmed link established, the observation of 13 ruling Goddesses coinciding with 13 governing moons has lead to many believing that there is an undeniable link between them.

Every character in "So You Think You Can Quest?" will be randomly assigned one of the Zodiac signs from the following table during character creation. Each character gains the ability corresponding to their Moon Sign Gift, as well they are subject to its Nemesis and Material Comfort. Your Moon Sign's Nemesis is the creature that you are most likely to attract during random encounters, making it more likely to be cause of your demise. You never know where your Nemesis may appear, you will have to remain ever vigilant for their influences and agents. Fate is not without its sense of fair play however, in that defeating enemies of this type will yield additional in game treasure.

Similarly to your Nemesis, as you travel throughout Hope's Rise you will encounter locations, items, activities, NPC's and more that play upon the listed Material Comfort for a character's Moon Sign. The DM will make these apparent as they are discovered, or emerge in the player's environment. As these influences become apparent to players, so too will certain actions that the player is compelled to complete, and the reward they might receive for doing so. The Multiverse gives its blessings to those who move with its vast rivers of energy, and not against them. If you are a player, you would do wise to keep an eye out for critical information regarding your Material Comfort or anything that might be related.

Moon Sign Chart

Birth Moon Signs Gift Nemesis Material Comfort Associated Goddess
Yehnu (Waxing/Full) Grateful Displacer Beast Once per long rest, you may roll a 1d4 after being successfully hit by a single target melee attack on a result of 3 or 4, that attack is no longer successful. This ability must be declared before the damage done by the successful attack is announced. Ooze Mirrors Yonqua
Yehnu (New/Waning) Lazy Dryad +2 Max HP while under open sky. Undead Produce Yonqua
Gestelle (Waxing/Full) Esteemed Ghost Once per long rest, you may use an Action to blink through the Ethereal plane, 10 ft in a random direction. In the event that you cannot complete this journey, you will be shunted to the nearest empty space oriented along the trajectory you came from. Beasts Incense Syvain
Gestelle (New/Waning) Investigative Phoenix Once per long rest, you may roll an Investigate or Perception Check with Advantage. This ability must be declared before the roll is made. Aberrations Building Fires Syvain
Daelune (Waxing/Full) Worthwhile Janni Once per long rest you may cast Featherfall, it lasts until the end of your next turn. Monstrosities Lanterns Aidala
Daelune (New/Waning) Humble Kobold Once per long rest, may cast Calm Emotions that lasts for until the end of your next turn. It is important to note that this spell does not cause people to become favorable to, or in any way suggestible to, the caster. It simply makes them indifferent. They will not ignore rules, or disrupt their daily patterns they would go about in if they were not currently actively hostile towards you. Giants Company Aidala
Neliseah (Waxing/Full) Revolutionary Unicorn Once per long rest, as a reaction you may allow one target to re-roll a saving throw against a Charm or Illusion effect. Fiends Prisms Advari
Phetura (Waxing/Full) Accommodating Hippogriff You and all players in your party need only 45 minutes to accomplish a short rest. Aberrations Wine Mestu
Phetura (New/Waning) Bewildered Owlbear Once per long rest, as a reaction you may either force yourself, or a target near you, to roll on the Wild Magic table after casting a spell of 1st level or higher. Monstrosities Fine Clothing Mestu
Neliseah (New/Waning) Joyful Sprite Once per long rest you may choose roll a single Acrobatics or Persuasion check with Advantage. This ability must be declared before the roll is made. Dragons Music Advari
Bothrall (Waxing/Full) Kindly Basilisk Once per long rest you can cast the spell Hold Person, DC 11. Undead Sculpture Thothemi
Bothrall (New/Waning) Mournful Golem You gain the Spare the Dying Cantrip Beasts Flowers Thothemi
Xivunis (Waxing/Full) Zealous Nightwalker There is a 1d100 chance that you will ignore any harmful single target spell effect. Celestials Magical items Balka
Xivunis (New/Waning) Xerothermic Mummy Once per long rest you may re-roll one Constitution saving throw. Elementals Scepters & Canes Balka
Zathire (Waxing/Full) Conquering Giant Once per long rest, as a bonus action, you may use the Barbarian class ability: Rage. It lasts only until the end of your next turn. Ooze Axes Gorielle
Zathire (New/Waning) Vulgar Bugbear You have the Vicious Mockery cantrip and all class levels function for the purposes of its damage progression. Dragons Games Gorielle
Kyrinoc (Waxing/Full) Unrepentant Hydra Once per day, if you are in the dying state and damage is dealt to you, you return to 1hp instead of losing Death Saving Throws automatically. It is for all purposes apparent to those around that you have started back to life. Fey Poison Jelkrin
Kyrinoc (New/Waning) Quarrelling Goblin +1 Damage rolls against all creatures of a larger size category than you. Giants Ammunition Jelkrin
Mesaulku (Waxing/Full) Nihilistic Vampire Once per long rest, if a creature is in the incapacitated or dying state, you may, instead of attacking it, cause it to fail a Death Saving Throw and gain 1d8 HP. Celestials Feeding Animals Slurgea
Mesaulku (New/Waning) Starving Illithid +1 Damage rolls against all living creatures of the same or smaller size category than you. Constructs Staying at Inns Slurgea
Vathella (Waxing/Full) Patient Lich Once per long rest, you may use an Action to reduce yourself to 1 HP and cast any first level wizard spell of your choosing. Dragons Unidentified Items Nemare
Vathella (New/Waning) Forthright Ogre Once per long rest, as a bonus action you may expend a Hit Dice in order to regain HP equal to your Constitution Modifier. Fey Stealing Nemare
Taukon (Waxing/Full) Opulent Dragon Player starts with 1 gemstone of unknown worth. Plants Valuable Stones Swelke
Taukon (New/Waning) Youthful Kraken Once per long rest you may grant yourself and up 4 companions the ability to breath underwater for 5 minutes. Fiends Food Swelke
Calideri (Waxing/Full) Talkative Beholder Once per long rest, at the beginning of the day you may roll on the accommpanying Talkative Behold Table below this one to determine what cantrip which of the listed cantrips you know for the day. Plants Literature Inveris
Calideri (New/Waning) Doubtful Homunculus Once per long rest, you may roll an Insight or History check with Advantage. This ability must be declared before the roll is made. Elementals Healing Potions Inveris

Talkative Beholder Daily Cantrip Subtable

Result Cantrip
1 Message
2 Shocking Grasp
3 Message
4 Minor Illusion
5 Message
6 True Strike
7 Message
8 Mage Hand
9 Message
10 Firebolt